Starting a Business

Starting a Business
OK, it’s time to start your own business – way to go! It’s a big decision working for someone else who takes care of everything; accounting, payroll, taxes, inventory, and most likely, a huge bunch of other departments and necessary to control their own company. But, running your own business has its benefits, as well.

Now, I must mention, please keep in mind, one can be fully fulfilled aresponsibilities nd inspired while having the job of their dreams also. It all comes down to attitude and personal motivation. If you are working in a field that you are fully inspired by, congrats and be sure to appreciate it as going your own way also has its risks. But, having said that:

The main train of thought is you are your own boss, work the hours you choose and which days to work, and, unfortunately or fortunately, you are purely responsible for the entire success. It’s a wonderful way to release yourself from the rat race of 9-5, if you choose, as well as being involved in doing what you love, what you might have a passion for, but you have to begin by asking just a few things:

1. Do you love what you are doing or is it something you are good at? A dream of escaping the normal way the world works can be very inspiring to work for yourself, but you must be motivated to work every morning to do what you have chosen to do for a living.

2. What is it that you believe you would like to do? What interests, area or industry is it going to be? Do you believe there is a market for what you can provide? Have you thought whether the area can handle another entry?

3. Do you have the talent or technical skills required? Just because you feel you are able to do a skill that you consider special, it could possibly not be a strong item to convince customers or investors that it is a valuable purchase or a strong financial investment.

4. What, where and who are the competitors in this area and what separates you from the rest? Why should investors or potential prospect customers choose you? What differentiates you from what everyone else does?

OK, When you’re finally satisfied that your answers to these questions are solid, it’s decision time, of what business structure works best for you. Is it a sole proprietor, responsible for every area and the entire authority to run the business? Will you have a partner, share the cost, workload and responsibility but also the ideas, profits and every business decision from the get go? Or maybe your decision is to incorporate, including all the financial safety’s and securities but way more involved, complex and a costly structure?

This is when you must seek legal advice! Seriously, it is strongly recommended, mainly because it is for you to completely understand all the advantages, disadvantages and to be sue the setup is proper and that you are fully aware of your chosen structuring plan. Most attorneys will offer a complimentary or a discounted-rate initial consultation. Once the decision and plan is decided, a formal name for your new company should be chosen. Make sure it is easy to remember – be sure to not use initials or single letters (A & B & C Limited could be challenging to remember for clients or associates). Also, make it say something about what the business does or what it offers (“Joe’s Shoe Specialists” is much easier to spell and remember).

Now comes the real sweat equity work, a business plan. This is the real beginning of your baby, it is the most important part in creating all these topics and proposals in a modernized and easy to follow format; fancy designs do not help your future baby succeed. A strong business plan acts as a formal statement for the financing needs and plans, goals, overall structure and all the initial legal considerations. Think of this as a corporate “resume” to potential lenders or investors and is the main documentation that will be used to calculate if your business could be a worthwhile investment. It also offers the proprietor(s) a opportunity to evaluate and see the operational details of your new company on paper.

A basic business plan should contain a balance sheet, income statement (also known as a Profit & Loss) and a statement of cash flow. Adding in a proposed financial budget for the first year, or as long a period as necessary if a year is impractical is a highly recommended course of action also. There are many formats and structures for business plans and many templates are available online or through formal providers who can assist or guide you along the way.

If you follow these quick tips, and the outcome looks promising you might be able to plan for success. Just remember, as much as this dance of being your own boss and owning your own company sounds exciting and positive, always remember, it will take work and dedication. Not only will you need a strong commitment but it will also serve you well to have a support community around you. Your family and friends can be a huge part of your success. So be sure to evaluate who you have around you and how to involve them and motivate them to join your team and become cheerleaders.

Also, as mentioned earlier, be sure to not discount employment for a solid company that offers future potential and is in the area or industry that fulfills you and connects with your beliefs and passion.

Satisfaction starts with an attitude and a responsibility of commitment to being your best you can be, what ever situation you find yourself in.

I want to wish you good luck in your potential and new professional endeavour, for yourself or as a new redefined employee!

Quick Start Guide To Email Marketing

Quick Start Guide To Email Marketing
I frequently hear the question, “Could you share your blueprint for success with email marketing?”

I will demonstrate it with a short story, but first you should get a feeling for the opportunities available to anyone with access to an internet connection.

Remember this:

Certainly, the World Wide Web brings the largest market that has ever existed to your house. There are no admission fees and your only cost need be your internet connection. The Internet is like Aladdin’s lamp for you if you are willing to stretch your mind a bit and willing to work to make your dreams come true. How sweet is that?

Unfortunately, the web is crawling with vermin that promise you instant wealth if you will buy their instant success product. These people give me the same feeling I get when I put my foot into a shoe that I haven’t worn for a while and I feel something inside. If you haven’t succeeded the way you want to online, it is not your fault.

Contrary to what some people want you to believe, success on the web does not depend on being a rocket scientist or having a movie star body. If you have had a sneaking suspicion that you have all the requirements to make your dreams come true online, you’ve got it right. If your internet connection was a hamburger, your ambition is the ketchup.

Possibly, all the hype and shell games out there have left you anxious, fearful and wary, you have good reason to be exhausted. Right now, just relax, take a deep breath and imagine yourself sinking into a nice warm tub of soapy, scented water.

We are definitely going to blow away the smoke screens and take a sniper’s aim at the things causing you grief, uncertainty and anxiety.

You might ask, “Why bother with email marketing at all? Why not just sell stuff online?”

The simple answer is that very few people buy.

FACT: Google did some research and the findings shocked everyone who saw the results. The average visitor to the average website comes back an average of 7 times to that site before buying anything, even if the site offers exactly what they want at a fantastic price.

Instinctively, people don’t trust someone they can’t see and touch.

Let me show you what you can do about this with a short story.

Barb in Montana has a little Chihauhua dog named Mokie. He is the love of her life and she takes better care of her little pooch than she does of herself. It is getting onto fall and Montana gets really cold in winter so it is time for her to shop online to get Mokie a new cold weather jacket and some cute snow booties.

She enters “Chihuahua clothes” as a search term in Google and her screen fills with the first 10 search engine results. These top 10 are not there by accident. They truly are the best of the best of the millions of results. That’s what the search engines focus on.

She clicks on the topmost site (which, statistically speaking, gets 42% of all traffic) and she finds herself on a great Chihuahua site. The search engine has taken her to a fabulous page on outfits for her precious Mokie. She also sees there are many other sections on the site dedicated to all things Chihuahua.

A truly great site covers all facets of the main theme of the site.

Before she knows it, a half hour has passed. She has chosen the perfect outfit and matching booties for Mokie The Wonder Dog. She has also read several pages on Chihuahua nutrition and she dwelt quite a while on a page dealing with peoples’ tributes to their beloved little Chihuahuas that have crossed the great rainbow bridge.

Wiping a tear from her eye, she bookmarks the page on dog outfits and goes back to the results page without buying anything.

People just instinctively don’t trust.

My Easy, 3 Step, Quick Start Guide To Email Marketing:

Barb clicks on the second site link down and finds herself on another excellent Chihuahua site. Again, she lingers over all the great content on it’s different sections and again, is about to hit the back button when a small box catches her attention.

Step 1: It offers her a trade. They will give her an instant download of a video and free eBook on how to keep her Chihuahua in perfect health and happy as a clam if she is willing to sign up for their free weekly newsletter. All they ask for is her email address.

Step 2: The offer is too tempting for her to pass over. She gives her email address and is whisked away to the instant download area. True to their word, the site’s eBook and video are truly a marvel and she will keep looking them over and over again.

The second website has just been given the key to her heart and wallet. She has given them permission to visit her through her inbox every week. How sweet can it get?

The first site she visited will never see her again.

Step 3: The second site will have a chance every week to give her more good information on Chihuahuas that she will cherish. When they mention special offers and so on, she will buy often from them.

These newsletters build an incredible amount of trust in a very short time. It doesn’t matter if your site is about little dogs or private jets. People buy from people they trust.